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Cathy Cress makes a great interviewee. Over the past 30 years, she has done over 100 media interviews on television (including CNN) and radio and in print (including the New York Times, Financial Times, Better Homes and Gardens,Business Week and Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine). Cathy has spoken at 48 national conferences throughout the United States in the last 25 years and at innumerable regional and local conferences on aging.

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March 28th Interview Mom Loves You Best
GUEST: Cathy Jo Cress

Mom Loves You Best: Siblings and Estrangement in Midlife 4/1/11
Senior Connection and Mature Lifestyles

Listen Sister: Seven Steps to Healing Sibling Rivalry 2/23/11

New York Family Magazine Article on Sibling Spacing 1/11
Cathy Cress was featured in a recent New York Family Magazine article on how spacing of children affects sibling rivalry. Will having them close in age cause excessive bickering? Will having them farther apart mean they won’t become close friends? Can we handle having multiple small children at once? If I wait several more years, will my age cause complications?

It's online (link below) and in their January print edition, link below>

Speaking Engagements

April 29, 2011
NCOA/ ASA Conference
San Francisco, Ca.
Preventing Cain & Abel From Sabotaging Adam & Eve's Care
Where: Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel
June 6, 2011 9AM - 10 AM 
GCM and Mediation- The Accidental Mediator vs the professional
The San Diego unit of Geriatric Care Managers
Casa de Mañana
849 Coast Blvd, La Jolla, CA.

July 13,2011
Contra Costa Senior Roundtable
Forging Midlife Sibling Forgiveness in the Aging Family
The Kensington
1580 Geary Road
Walnut Creek, CA  94597
(925) 943-1121

July 22, 2011
Santa Cruz California of Association of Marriage and Family Therapists CAMFT

How MFT’ s Can Help Cain and Abel Achieve Forgiveness and Forge a Better Relationship With Adam and Eve
10:00- 11:30 AM

You Tube

Mom Loves You Best on You Tube Channel
Momlovesyoubest is a rare , new exciting You Tube Channel devoted solely to mending sibling relationnships.. The 32 part series of videos shows you what kind of sibling you are. It lets you know if you are the type of sibling who has as a brother or sister I Hate You story .

If you do, this series will then take you through the ten steps of sibling forgiveness to reinstate the longest relationship of your life. We also will cover how you as a young parent of siblings can take 20 different steps to raise your kids in the here and now and avoid a future sibling I Hate You story ad you children grow older.

Santa Cruz Traveling Mystery Tour-
Nationally known author Martha Alderson who has begun her own YouTube series and joined me in creating a magical video tour of Santa Cruz County.

Both Martha and I have used our exquisitely beautiful Central California Coast , as the background for our individual You Tube Channels and .

We’ve filmed each other in the same backdrops, Martha covering how to plot a novel, memoir or screenplay and my channel charting the path to sibling forgiveness .

If you watch either of our series and can identify 32 of the 32 Santa Cruz settings then the prize will be
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